-Iggy & Pop Debut

Event Time: 6/17 After Update - 6/24 2:00 PM

Event: During the event, own the new hero Iggy & Pop, their skin, and use Iggy & Pop in battles to get rewards!


-Final Sprint for Iggy & Pop Shards

Event Time: 6/19 4:00 - 6/21 24: 00

Event: Final Sprint! This weekend get Iggy & Pop shards when you battle to redeem the new hero Iggy & Pop for free!



-Iggy & Pop have arrived in Esper City!

Iggy & Pop’s Custom Skin "West Cowboy" will be available in the Shop from 6/17, 4:00 AM. Price: 288 Gems! Get 12% off during the first two weeks.


- Iggy & Pop’s New Star Pack available in the Shop

1. Iggy & Pop’s New Star Pack

Available from 6/17 4:00 AM to 7/1 4:00 AM. Contains the hero "Iggy & Pop", the skin "West Cowboy”, and Clapper*200. Original price: 700 Gems. Get 34% off during the first week and 12% off during the second week.

2. Iggy & Pop Dye Special Pack

Available from 6/17 4:00 AM to 7/1 4:00 AM. Contains Iggy & Pop Dye and skin "West Cowboy" dye. Original price: 450 Gems. Enjoy 55% off during the sale.

3. Iggy & Pop Lucky Pack

Available from 6/17 4:00 AM to 7/1 4:00 AM. Original price: 20 Gems. Get 10% off during the sale! Items and chances are as follows:

Iggy & Pop Hero Trial Card (3D): 15%; "West Cowboy" Skin Trial Card (3D): 15%; Thread*1: 35%; Contract*1, Miracle Star*1, or Mysterious Dye*1: 33.5%; Iggy & Pop and skin "West Cowboy": 1.5%.

This pack has a 100-time guarantee. If you haven't gotten the hero and skin after 99 attempts, then on the 100th attempt, you are guaranteed to get Iggy & Pop/West Cowboy from the pack. You won't receive a hero or skin that you already own.

4. Iggy & Pop Shard Pack

Available from 6/17 4:00 AM to 6/27 4:00 AM. Includes Iggy & Pop Shard*2. Price: 600 Gold


-Gacha Update

Time: 6/17 04:00 AM - 7/01 4:00 AM

Added Mercy, Coderella, Muqam, and dyes for Coderella and Muqam to the Miracle Gacha Machine.

Added Tamago, Cassie, Mercy, the skins "Nebula" and "Bun Waitress", and dyes for "Nebula" and "Bun Waitress" to the Limited Gacha Machine.

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